Message From the Webmaster

Welcome to My name is Will Dudziak, and this is my personal website. I've worked professionally doing software engineering for the last 14 years, and in that time I've done lots of interesting projects using computers, web technology and finance. In my projects section of the site I have detailed some of the non-professional software and web projects I've worked on over the years (for professional projects, see my resume).

If you are just surfing, I'd suggest taking a look at the 'fun projects' mentioned below.

I must apologize; I haven't made significant updates to this website since 2007. It's been on my to-do list for a while, but the priority has always been low vs. other things in my life and other personal projects. I will endeavor to keep the resume section up to date, but the rest may suffer a bit.

Some Fun Projects to Look At
To facilitate finding/discovering and searching my greatest photos, I've aggregated them all in one place. (Uses a custom photo gallery application that I developed specifically for this site)
Amazing Photos

  Backpacking Across Europe, Summer 2007
To celebrate finishing my master's, I backpacked across Western Europe by myself for a month and brought back tons of nice pictures.

  Adam AI
Simple minded chatbot named Adam which I created from scratch a long time ago. Spend a minute and talk to him... he's lonely.

  Flame Fractals
Ordinary fractals are boring. Flame fractals are awesome! Just take a look, and you'll see what I'm talking about.

Popular Tools

  French Verb List
List of the 681 most popular verbs and their French translations. Created in PDF form, the list is easily printable for slipping into your pocket for study anywhere you go.
(Over 2,000,000 downloads so far!)

  Accenter 1.0 - Free software for writing accents
Created a while ago when I got fed up with constantly going to character map, this light-weight app gives easy access to all of the western/middle European character sets.
(Over 15,000 downloads so far!)