A Little About Me

william dudziak My name is Will Dudziak. I was born in Ohio in 1983, an only child with a large extended family including 18 aunts and uncles and 20 first cousins. I had a typical childhood, at least as typical as childhood gets. At age 18 I went off to college with the intention of becoming a physicist; 2 years in, the excitement I originally had for physics had waned, but had been supplanted by my new love of software engineering. By 24, I had Bachelors and a Masters in Computer Science and I was off to see the world. I spent a month abroad backpacking around Europe, and upon my return to Ohio I packed up my car with everything I owned, and drove out west. In 2007, I settled down in Orange County, California and began my post-collegiate engineering career.

will dudziak hiking the great wall of china Growing up, school never provided much of a challenge for me, so in my free time I invented challenges for myself. When I was young this behavior manifested in devising novel games and puzzles for my friends - I remember being particularly fond of drawing mazes that would stump all but the most dedicated. While in high school, I discovered programming, and a new world opened to me. My free time from that moment forward was consumed with writing software to solve the hardest problems I could find... Prime Number Solvers, Chatbots, Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Mechanical Particle Models, Stock Market Prediction, and more. I love a tough problem. If it can be said that "no one's ever solved it", then that just adds fuel to my interest. It's the greatest thrill that I can get: to look at the results of my work and know that no one else has ever seen this.

will dudziak hiking in the grand canyon These days I'm working at an online advertisement delivery company. I'm responsible for the pricing of the 4.5 billion ads that are delivered through the platform each day. In my spare time over the last few years, I have written a high frequency trader (HFT) that trades equities automatically through my brokerage's API. The HFT project consumes the vast majority of my spare time these days and has been a lot of fun to build.

I am an avid follower of the following blogs/sites:
XKCD (a webcomic for nerds)
Tom's Hardware (cutting edge computer hardware reviews)
You Are Not So Smart (human psychology blog)
New Scientist (science magazine)
Discover Magazine Blogs (science magazine)

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