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I made the decision after finishing my master's degree to move out west to California. This gallery chronicles small fragments of the two week drive moving my small collection of worldly goods to my new home in California.

Some quick stats: the trip took 11 days, crossed 12 states, we filled the car up wtih gas 16 times, and the final reading on the odometer ended up at 3300 miles (5300 kilometers), about 800 miles more than expected.

Traveling with me for the two-week drive to keep me sane was one of my close friends, Chad Dawes - you'll be able to notice him in more than a few of the pictures. Thanks go to Chad, my Mom, Dad, and Stepmom, for help and encouragement, and my Aunt Nancy and Uncle Pete for providing me a place to stay for my first month out here in Cali.

If you like this gallery, or have any comments or questions about my drive across the US, please feel free to send me an email - I'd be happy to hear from you.

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