I'm always interested in learning something new about computers, science, math, and finance. When not at work, I'm usually at home working on 'pet projects' related to my interests; and partially, in hopes of sharing what I've spent so much of my time on, I have created this section of the site. Note that the projects listed here are un-paid projects - for my professional experience, see my resume.

Below, are projects that are in various phases of completeness. If you're not a computer science or math junkie, I'd suggest starting out by checking out the imaging projects.

I apologize, but I have not been able to keep this section up to date over the last couple years, as most of my free time has been consumed working on a high frequency trading algorithm (HFT) that is currently actively managing my equity portfolio. I have had a couple awesome holidays since the cross-country drive in 2007, and greatly enhanced the photo-mosaic software since my last update. I will endeavor to update this section when I have the time.

Imaging Projects (stuff with pictures)

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