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Infographic of Sr. Software Engineer & Data Scientist, William Dudziak

Infographic of Language Experience of Sr. Software Engineer & Data Scientist, William Dudziak

Work Experience

2011 - present,    The Rubicon Project,    Santa Monica, CA
Sr. Software Engineer / Data Scientist
  - Individually responsible for core pricing systems of Rubicon's 4.5 billion online ads per day.
  - Create solutions to detect useful patterns in terabytes of daily logs, in order to price ads more effectively.
  - Provide tools for Yield Management team to effectively make advertising campaign decisions.
  - Build applications using PERL, PHP, MySQL, RPM Package Manager, Greenplum, and Postgres/PgSQL

2009 - 2011,    The Rubicon Project,    Santa Monica, CA
Application Interfaces Software Engineer
  - Worked with and Lead multi-team projects to facilitate business and engineering needs in a zero-downtime environment.
  - Developed and maintained "Matchmaker" service, individually targeting the 4.5 billion ads per day the company serves.
  - Successfully lead multi-month project to overhaul the company's financial and billing structure. New billing paradigm saved Rubicon $2.1 million/year in carrying costs.
  - Architected and deployed a PHP/SQL reporting engine designed to collate and report on the hundreds of billions of ads the company serves each month.  Continues to function as the authoritative source of financial and business-related statistics for Rubicon and all of its clients.
  - Designed the shared user access control system used by all of Rubicon's web applications.
  - Built applications using LAMP, PHP5.3, MySQL, Memcached, JavaScript, JQuery, C/C++, Zend, AJAX, and CSS.

2008 - 2009,    Internap Network Services Corp.,    Costa Mesa, CA
Cloud Services Engineer, Sr.
  - Defined and developed client web portal and public-facing SOAP APIs for integration with new Cloud Storage and Cloud Servers product line.
  - Organized meetings with department heads and product managers to define product scope and timelines.
  - Completed fully-functioning version 1.0 of a scalable Cloud Storage solution including web-portal, credit card integration, and online file-browser in a highly demanding 3-week timeline.
  - Built applications using LAMP, PHP5, MySQL, SOAP, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, Photoshop, CSS, and DHTML.

2007 - 2008,    Internap Network Services Corp.,    Costa Mesa, CA
Professional Services Software Engineer, Sr.
  - Developed custom content management and social networking web applications for CDN clients.
  - Designed and implemented web 2.0 content management software suite responsible for $200,000 in direct sales and $2.3 million in related revenue.
  - Developed cutting-edge ORM data model in PHP and MySQL; now used as backbone of all professional services products.
  - Built applications using LAMP, PHP5, MySQL, JavaScript, ExtJs (Ext), JQuery, AJAX, CSS, and DHTML.

2006 - 2007,    Dept. of Computer Science, University of Akron.,    Akron, OH
Senior Web Application Developer / Student Project Leader
  - Lead team of five graduate students on a year-long project, successfully delivering a web-based artificial intelligence software suite to Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company.
  - Worked closely with engineers from Goodyear to create project timelines and intermediate objectives.
  - Succeeded in meeting established timeline objectives, delivering product to Goodyear in August 2007.
  - Designed applications using .NET, C#, IIS, ASP.NET, and MS:SQL.

2003 - 2007,    College of Engineering, University of Akron.,    Akron, OH
Webmaster / Senior Web Developer
  - Coordinated web-design activities for 5 departments and over 100 faculty and staff.
  - Managed team of web-developers, setting project timelines and coordinating goals with faculty.
  - Developed pages using PHP, CSS, JavaScript, Photoshop, and DHTML.
  - Converted college website design to standards set by university.

2001 - 2003, Inc.,    Cleveland, OH
Web Developer / Lead Programmer
  - Managed teams designing and developing e-commerce websites.
  - Worked directly with clients to establish requirements and project timetables.
  - Programmed back-end applications using SQL, PHP, PERL, and JavaScript.

1999 - 2001,   Cyberjam Internet Services Inc.,    Akron, OH
Web Developer
  - Developed large-scale websites as a member of a team.
  - Gained experience using industry tools.


2001 - 2007,    The University of Akron. Akron, OH
Master of Science in Computer Science, 2007.
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, 2005.
GRE perfect quantitative score of 800 (top 1% of all graduate students).


"I had the benefit of working closely with Will for nearly two years on the Interfaces team at the Rubicon Project. During that time, Will was responsible for leading several critical engineering projects ranging from an multi-layered user authorization interface to a complete redesign of the company’s financial tracking system. On each project, Will was extremely effective in gathering the necessary requirements, drafting an elegant technical design, and successfully implementing a solution that met all project requirements.

Will is not only an avid problem solver who craves learning and stretching himself to tackle new challenges, he is also a willing teacher often encouraging others to stretch themselves as well. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Will, and recommend him with my highest regard." April 28, 2012

Brad Rodriguez, Software Engineer, the Rubicon Project
worked with Will at the Rubicon Project

"I have worked very closely with Will at the Rubicon Project. As the engineering lead on the Bid Landscape Report, Will showed excellent skill in understanding the nuances of design, programming and scale during the concept phase. He understood the customer and their needs which guided his design contributions. The report he produced became a cornerstone of Rubicon's Real-Time Bidding product.

Will thinks on his feet and can plug into a variety of concepts quickly. His dogged nature makes him an extremely reliable asset. I would trust Will to lead any project, no matter how complex or difficult." April 27, 2012

Mark McEachran, Product Manager, the Rubicon Project
worked with Will at the Rubicon Project

"Will is an analytical thinker who enjoys solving difficult problems. And, he does this very well. His solutions are always of top-notch quality and elegant. Will is also a pleasure to work with as his easy-going style makes working together on difficult issues a breeze." April 25, 2012

Bill Willits, Database Administrator, the Rubicon Project
worked with Will at the Rubicon Project

"Working with Will has been a pleasure, he is extremely smart and it can be seen in his engineering implementations especially when designing expandability. Due to the amount of thought Will places into his implementations they rarely need to be refactored. Will's personality and attitude makes him a great mentor and great person to work with. I would recommend Will without hesitation." April 24, 2012

Jonathan Tansavatdi, Software Engineer, the Rubicon Project
worked directly with Will at the Rubicon Project

(English is not the first language of this author)
"Will is one of the smartest person in our team. He leads two of the most important projects in our group, one is Reporting Engine another is Bid Landscape Report. With Reporting Engine, we can use his API to easily build complex queries in minutes. Users can also build custom queries with Reporting Engine. It was a pleasure working with Will and hope that our path will cross again someday." April 24, 2012

Far Jangtrakool, Software Engineer, the Rubicon Project
worked directly with Will at the Rubicon Project

"I worked closely with Will for about a year at the Rubicon Project. Will is an excellent software engineer, highly analytical and able to reason about and break down complex problems. He has the ability to work effectively anywhere in the stack, as evidenced by his work on both big data and user interfaces at Rubicon. He has a great work ethic, works well with others and communicates clearly.

I am sure he would be of great help to any organization that needs real software engineering skills, and I'd be happy to work with him again." April 20, 2012

Will Redd, Core Software Engineer, the Rubicon Project
worked directly with Will at the Rubicon Project

"I worked directly with Will on a PHP project where Will continuously demonstrated his ability to design clean and concise user interfaces with a fully functional back-end. Equally as impressive is Will's ability to write clean re-usable code while keeping it very efficient. I'd be delighted to work with Will again in the future." April 19, 2009

Robert J. Palmer , Systems Engineer, Internap
worked directly with Will at Internap

"Will consistently demonstrates strong technical expertise. His willingness and ability to take on a many different responsibilities were key to the successful on-time completion of important projects. Will also has a strong eye for design that distinguishes him from most other software engineers." April 3, 2009

Scott Leibrand, Manager of Architectural Engineering, Internap Network Services
managed Will at Internap

"Will is a great developer. Based on feedback both from clients and the sales team, Will does a great job turning companies business requirements into reality." January 27, 2009

Dave DeGroff, Director of Sales, CDN, Internap
managed Will indirectly at Internap

"Will is a tremendous asset to any company lucky enough to hire him. While working with Will he has demonstrated vast and uncompromised skills that are both effective and efficient. I have no doubt he will have a long and outstanding career, and I think he would be a formidable resource to another organization. I recommend that all future employers consider his application." January 22, 2009

Michael Kowalski, Sales Engineer, Internap
worked with Will at Internap

"I've had the great pleasure to work with Will and he is a tremendous asset to any team or organization. He is both technical and people savvy, a rare combination. Will is knowledgeable, yet flexible, a team player who understands company objectives and balances customer initiatives also. It is not uncommon to see Will put in late hours getting projects done. Thanks Will!" January 20, 2009

Dave Park, CDN Sales Manager, Internap
worked with Will at Internap

"I worked with Will on a number of customer projects and he was always very helpful in ensuring the upfront design decisions would both meet the customer requirements and also allow an on-time ship date. Will would always jump in and put in that extra effort to make sure the customer was happy with their software." January 19, 2009

John McIlwain (, Director of Product Management, Internap
worked directly with Will at Internap

"Will joined our team as a new developer to extend our delivery capacity in Professional Services. Within his first week he was already up to speed in his new role and was making significant contributions to the team. Will has excellent technical and documentation skills, as well as customer skills and within a few weeks he assumed the primary lead role for a critical business project which he completed it on time and with excellent results. Will is an outstanding individual with great future potential that I would highly recommend for any position where his skills are needed. Please contact me at any time for additional details." January 16, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Jay LaCroix (
hired Will as a IT Consultant in 2007

"Will was a tremendous asset to the company. He has the rare ability to assist both behind the scenes and in front of the customer. He has a tremendous knowledge base that he shares in an easy to understand yet informative matter. I've worked with Will on specific customer applications where he was both instrumental in implementation and more importantly a vital component to closing the deal." January 16, 2009

Jeff Bettencourt, CDN - Sales Engineer, Internap
worked with Will at Internap

"Will is an extremely capable programmer who can communicate effectively with customers or other departments and has an eye for design as well. He can work to a schedule, design complex systems, troubleshoot problems quickly, and leverage his insights to fill in gaps within specs to deliver what the customer really needs. Contact me for more details." November 22, 2008

Jason Eggleston, Team Lead, Solutions Engineer, Internap
managed Will at Internap

"Will worked as lead programmer on the website we created for a startup video sharing network, and proved quickly to us that he is very thorough and conscientious. Will is both detail-oriented and an outstanding problem-solver, and went the full distance on our project, with his unending commitment to excellence. I would recommend Will without hesitation to any of my colleagues for future web development projects." July 30, 2008

Eric Scott, Principal, Day For Night Multimedia, Inc.
was with another company when working with Will at Internap

Presentations / Publications

Presentation and Analysis of a Multi-Dimensional Interpolation Function for Non-Uniform Data: Microsphere Projection. Master’s Thesis for completion of Master of Science in Computer Science. 2007. Akron, OH.
[ related project ]

Semi-Automatic Interactive Visualization of Quantum Dot Nano-Structures. IADIS International Conference Computer Graphics and Visualization, 2007. pp. 117-121.

Multi-Dimensional Interpolation Function for Non-Uniform Data: Microsphere Projection. IADIS International Conference Computer Graphics and Visualization, 2007. pp. 143-147.
[ related project ]

Using Fictitious Play to Find Pseudo-optimal Solutions for Full-scale Poker. 2006 International Conference on Artificial Intelligence. 2006. pp. 374-380.
[ related project ]

Simulating Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR). 2006 University of Akron Computer Science Day. April 2006. Akron, Ohio.

Arbitrary Size Parallel Sudoku Creation. 2006 University of Akron Computer Science Day. April 2006. Akron, Ohio.
[ related project ]

Using Adaptation to Approach Nash Equilibria in Full-Scale Poker. Conference on Undergraduate and Graduate Research. November 2005. Akron, Ohio.
[ related project ]

Game Theory and Its Application to Computer Science. 2005 University of Akron Computer Science Day. April 2005. Akron, Ohio.


Mountain Climbing [ related project ]
Backpacking [ related project ]
Game Theory [ related project ]
Neural Networks [ related project ]
Genetic Programming (not to be confused with genetic algorithms) [ related project ]
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