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Only Time Will Tell

Created in January of 2001, I was still in high school and experimenting with creating a simple yet dramatic image/sound presentation. After spending a few days gathering images and video clips from the web, the final production video was compiled using Macromedia Flash.
I really enjoy watching this one, even now several years later. The way the video fits the musical cues is kinda cool.

640-wide, 800-wide (may require the XVID codec: Download Here)

Fractal Animation

Created in June of 2006, this video was my first attempt at capturing the 'rotation' of a flame fractal. Set to a dramatic musical loop (thanks to composer Hanz Zimmer and some liberal audio editing), this video is elegant and perhaps slightly hypnotic. :)

To see more examples of flame fractals, check out the fractals gallery.

512-wide, 1024-wide (may require the XVID codec: Download Here)

If you like these videos, or have any comments/questions/suggestions, please feel free to send me an email - I'd be happy to hear from you.

Non-Zipped Versions

These videos may require the XVID codec: Download Here

Only Time Will Tell, 70Mb

Fractal Animation, 16Mb